All of our events can be viewed from either our calendar or sign-up sheet page. We encourage all members to sign up as per their schedules. There are no minimum requirements for members, and unless otherwise noted, there are no requirements to sign up. For most projects, we will meet in front of the Convocation Center and carpool to each event.
Check out our upcoming volunteer opportunities and sign up!

Point System

We maintain a point system to reward our members for being active with us. Members can earn points by volunteering, driving, or attending our meetings and fundraisers.

Point Breakdown:

  • Attend a meeting (1 point)

  • Volunteer (1 point/hour)

  • Drive other volunteers

    (1 additional point)

  • Serve as Project Leader

    (1 additional point)

  • Miss a project after signing up

    (-1 point)*

  • Fundraisers and other events

    (Announced at meetings)


(Redeemable Annually)

20 Service Hours +

  1 hour of Social +

  2 hours of Fundraising +

  2 hours of  Tabling =

25 Points Total

A personalized certificate that includes everything that you’ve done with us. 

50 Service Hours +

  3 hours of  Socials +

  4 hours of Fundraising +

  3 hours of Tabling =

60 Points Total

A cord!


Request Point Total


* Anyone who signs up for a project and fails to attend without cancelling 24 hours in advance will be deducted one point. Cancellations can be done on our sign up sheet page (with a website account) or by emailing us at utsa.hhm@gmail.com

Drivers and Project Leaders

Drivers and project leaders are both rewarded an additional point for helping us with the logistics for the project.

In addition to the responsibilities of a volunteer,

Drivers are responsible for:

  • Arriving at the Convocation center on time and transporting other volunteers to the event and back

Project leaders are responsible for:

  • Contacting volunteers before the project
  • Coordinating volunteer efforts throughout the project when necessary
  • Submitting attendance after the project

Volunteers have the opportunity to serve as drivers when signing up at our sign up sheets page.

When project leaders are needed, eligible members will be offered the position.

Serving as a project leader? Download the form below!