Want to join the movement?

It’s easy.
Attend any one of our meetings or join us for one of our service projects and we’ll add you to our member list. Members will receive weekly email updates about our organization and will have their volunteer activities recorded.
  • Anaqua (SU) 02.03.08 at 5:30pm!
    Mar 25
    Apr 22 (Cords and Award Ceremony)
    Mar 26 (Ash, SU 2.03.06)

Can’t make it to the meetings?
You can still join! Please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you. You are also still encouraged to sign up for our volunteer events, whether you can make it to our meetings or not.


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Did you know?

Making an account on our website makes it a lot easier to sign up for our volunteer events! Logged in members will have all of their sign up information auto-filled after their first sign up, and, if they can no longer make it to an event after they have signed up, they can clear their spot in a single click!

(Making an account on the website is not the same as signing up for our member list)