About Us

Hunger and Homelessness Movement (HHM) was founded at the University of Texas at San Antonio with the aim to unite students to alleviate the effects on homelessness on the local population of San Antonio and to focus our efforts on the root causes of homelessness to seek long-term solutions.

We do not require students to pay any dues to be in our organization. We believe that students should join this organization to network and gain skills that they can use in their future careers. We do not have minimum requirements.



We meet every other week to welcome new members and discuss our upcoming service events. All members receive a point for attending each meeting.

  • Anaqua (SU) 02.03.08 at 5:30pm!
    Mar 25
    Apr 22 (Cords and Award Ceremony)
    Mar 26 (Ash, SU 2.03.06)


Service Projects

Hunger and Homelessness Movement works to provide students with opportunities to engage in local service projects such as food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and more! Additionally, we carpool and offer rides to most of our events.

We organize volunteer opportunities every week. Members are encouraged to volunteer as per their schedules or requirements.

Ready to volunteer?